Digitize your Supply Chain
In Real Time
Lower costs + Increase Performance
Gain Competitive Advange

HubX12's multiparty network unites all functions and partners on a single platform so companies can do business in real-time. It has a multiparty data model and a patented permissions framework to support workflows. With rapid digitalization that includes the latest technology, such as AI, Blockchain and IoT.

HubX12 creates network effect advantages to grow exponentially while significantly lowering operational expense. 

  • All-in-one, turn-key system

  • Integrate any technology

  • Automate operations through the entire lifecycle 

  • Gain real-time visibility from the first point of production to end user

  • Optimize performance by matching supply with demand in real time

  • Direct to consumer operational capabilities

  • Signicantly lower operational costs

  • Easily connect to your trading partners or the 70K plus companies within our ecosystem

  • Reduce supply chain footprints 


Proven Benefits and ROI
HubX12 Platform

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Traceability and Chain of Custody

Manage the external environment with the same visibility and control as you have with internal operations. Trace the origin of any plant, ingredient, commodity, product, batch, or manufacturing process all the way to end user. 


Automate compliance through the entire supply chain to save your business time and money. An Artificial Intelligent robot never stops evaluating operations to consistently support managers and employees. 


Increase efficiency from monitoring ETA, weather, and traffic to redirect disruptions as they occur. Businesses can incorporate their own transportation providers or use the 20,000+ companies inside our network, at a push of a button. 


Utilize our marketplace with HubX12 to create a streamlined all-in-one system.

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