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We have Networking 

An AI-powered platform that turns your supply chain into a competitive advantage with end-to-end visibility and control across your entire ecosystem. Effectively plan, execute, and continuously optimize supply, demand, and logistics.

Proven Benefits and ROI

Digitize your Supply Chain
In Real Time
Lower costs + Increase Performance
Gain Competitive Advange


Organizations that connect experience dramatic cash flow improvements through revenue enhancements from improved customer service levels, reduced operating expenses, and increased working capital. 


Operate in Real Time

The Digital Supply Chain Network removes the latency from you and your trading partners’ traditional technology systems. You will gain the ability to sense and respond to events from across the supply chain in real time.


Connect and Coordinate

Connect and coordinate all trading partners and traditional systems to each other and to the end customer. A single information “pipe” into the network provides integration across multiple companies’ ERP and execution systems. All connected parties can interact and transact on a single platform that contains the most accurate and up-to-date information.



Supply, demand, logistics, and capacities are planned and executed within the same system, based on the most recent available supply and demand data. The Real Time Value Network does more than make existing processes more efficient, it is designed to capture the value that exists beyond the four walls of your organization.



The Digital Supply Chain Network’s unique horizontal grid architecture makes it scalable across technology and business processes. It manages the millions of daily transactions and data points that today’s large value chains generate. It can also connect an unlimited number of users, trading partners, and systems.

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Meet JEO

Artificial Intelligent Agent 

One Network Enterprises created NEO, a proprietary AI and machine learning technology. Which is the intelligence behind the NEO Platform and the Digital Supply Chain Network.

Now meet JEO, HubX12's AI agent born from NEO technology. 

JEO is your all-knowing supply chain assistant, continuously identifying, monitoring, analyzing and resolving problems so you can focus on the important issues. JEO gathers information from across your entire business network, analyzes, and optimizes business processes to resolve issues. Her capabilities include autonomous forecasting, replenishment, sourcing, transportation optimization and much more. She works in the background and with users to constantly find and fix issues. JEO knows, learns and acts to keep your supply chain and your business network running optimally.

JEO starts out smart and gets smarter. She collects and analyzes information from internal and external systems and data streams in real time, fine tuning the decision-making process to deliver increasingly effective results. Mointoring conditions across the network, she identifies problems and can modify or generate transactions as needed, optimizing processes such as demand planning, replenishment and transportation.

Some of JEO's capabilities:


AI forecast management

Last minute allocation

Supply allocation


Order forecast promising

Order promising


Transportation optimization

Demand translation

Multi-tier material planning

Multi-tier capacity planning

Door and capacity optimization

Order and shipment prioritization

Optimized execution

Inventory planning

Production planning

Warehouse optimization

Time phased projections

Self learning


Traceability and Chain of Custody

Manage the external environment with the same visibility and control as you have with internal operations. Trace the origin of any plant, ingredient, commodity, product, batch, or manufacturing process without losing provenance. 




Automate compliance through the entire supply chain to save time and money. Our Artificial Intelligent agent never stops evaluating operations to consistently support managers and employees. 



Increase efficiency from monitoring ETA, weather, and traffic to redirect disruptions as they occur. Compaies can incorporate their own transportation providers or use the 20,000+ companies inside our network, at a push of a button. 



Our marketplace capabilities provide a streamlined, end-to-end system


Demand Driven Supply Chain 

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