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Collaborative Manufacturing



Through our IoT capabilities receive real time alerts to proactively monitor machines and the supply chain.  Also, realize benefits such as potentially safer plant environments and increased equipment lifetime through predictive maintenance.

HubX12's ability to connect machine sensors and production assets to the supply chain opens up significant cost reductions in inventory management, maintenance, engineering, quality, and logistics. 

Image by Science in HD
Image by Science in HD


Manage the outsourced environment with the same visibility and control as you have with internal operations. Trace the origin of any ingredient, product, batch, and manufacturing process to evaluate issues.

Increase customer value by gaining end-to-end visibility.  Optimize your supply chain at the time of engineered drawings, all the way through to consumer.  And offset disruptions in real time while increasing competitive advantage. 

Growing young maize seedling in cultivat


Generate clean data from your manufacturing ecosystem. Real time data mixed with machine learning provides insights for better decision making. 

Image by Spencer Imbrock
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