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Food Safety

Our multi-networked platform solves problems by digitizing supply chain and reporting  processes.  Moving companies from manual to digital automation.  Benchmarked against the FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety framework, HubX12 supports visibility, traceability, and consumer trust. 

  • End-to-end traceability throughout the food safety system.

  • Collaborate with all trading partners in real time to drive effective chain of custody. 

  • Gain protection of confidentiality and proprietary interests while increasing transparency, visibility, and quality.  

  • Resulting in lowered operational costs, increased on-time deliveries, and rapid deployment capabilities in disruptions.  

Response and Recalls

The HubX12 alert system instantly notifies trading partners from producer to logistics to government agencies, providing higher rates of collaboration and transparency.  These early warning mechanisms significantly lower costs and implements a plan of action for all involved. 

AI driven data and root cause analyses provides best case scenarios to make fast and informed decisions; this is the foundation to our predictive analytics and reporting to ensure the supply chain is safe.

Restaurant & Food Service

HubX12 and the One Network partnership allows your business to dramatically improve service levels and deliver the freshest product for the best possible customer experience – while cutting inventories in half, reducing waste, and lowering supply chain expenses, like the huge cost of expediting. Plus, there’s a real revenue bounce as stockouts disappear. It’s a recipe for success – and a true competitive advantage.

Proven Benefits

  • Improved forecast accuracy up to 95%

  • Increased revenue due to reduced stockouts and higher fulfillment rates

  • Reduced supplier expediting costs by 75-90%

  • Reduced restaurant inventories by 50-70%

  • Reduced waste by 0.4%-0.9%

  • Decreased COGS (cost of goods sold) by 0.5%-1%

  • Improved forecast accuracy to suppliers by 80%

  • Reduced manual planning and execution effort by 50% or more

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