Where Supply Chain Science and Technology Merge

Our Distributed Ledger Technology mixed with an Artificial Intelligent networked framework provides real-time capabilities to track products from producer to consumer.


Synchronize supply and demand across your entire supply chain.

Integrate technologies with HubX12 or utilize as a stand alone operational system.

Increase consumer trust through transparency to the end user.

Decrease bottlenecks, time, and cost while gaining full visibility of trading partners.

 Investment Comparables

To further reduce our clients' operational expense and create a bridge for skilled labor, we provide a team of subject matter experts to help support and manage each client's operations and platform. 



Image by Louis Reed



Through IoT predictive capabilities HubX12 connects machine sensors, Rfid, and production assets internally and to the supply base. This creates a streamlined end-to-end process opening significant cost reductions in engineering, quality, inventory management, and logistics.